After two years of headlong dreams, research, sleepless nights, MISSPANTIES was born. I created a women's well-being brand to help these millions of women who go through this painful and difficult period every month. Living this too, I told myself that we do not deserve this whirlwind of unhappiness, which is natural, but which should be better welcomed. So, instead of moping in our bed, why not do the opposite and celebrate this period each month by welcoming it with joy and kindness, because yes it is possible!
Here is MISSPANTIES, my brand with its universe, its values and its messages. Menstruation is not new, you know that. This has existed since the dawn of time and at those times other women lived the same thing as us, but with much more pitfalls. These women are Amazons, warriors of Antiquity. I created this brand to pass on my knowledge about menstruation, share a new state of mind and provide innovative solutions to help all these warriors, these fighters of modern times. I want to offer you a new experience, more respectful of the environment, which lasts over time, which allows you to save money, but above all to keep our femininity at all times. For me this is an essential aspect, because our period is the period when we are most susceptible and who says susceptible says loss of self-confidence and here is the reason for living MISSPANTIES your well-being.
I will be your true ally, I will advise you on Instagram and I will continue to create quality for you. Ultra-glam innovations to have fun, flourish, discover and reveal all the facets of your personality. A woman is a powerful, benevolent, committed being and we deserve the best. Sometimes we need a boost to see ourselves as we really are and I am your fairy godmother for this little magic wand.
To all my Queens and Misses, with all my love, strength and good Ora, I welcome you to my home, MISSPANTIES.