Short Menstruel - Doris -
Short Menstruel - Doris -
Short menstruel - Doris -

Menstrual Shorts - Doris

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The shorts make their revolution and become menstrual, Continue to do your sport, Combine business with pleasure! Our novelty on the market!


The menstrual shorts from MISSPANTIES protect you during your period and are worn like classic shorts. You can use it alone or in addition to a menstrual cup if your flow is abundant. The shorts can be used day or night. At night, gynecologists recommend not wearing internal protections. The shorts guarantee you a serene night, without leaks or feeling of humidity. No more excuses ladies to play sports. We have the solution to make your sessions more comfortable during your period.


This state-of-the-art gem has an absorbent membrane ideal for light to heavy flows and is made from organic cotton. The interior is waterproof and resistant. The average duration of absorption is estimated between 6 and 12 hours. Depending on your flow, this duration may vary.

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MissPanties pour vos jours de règles

Nos protections intimes sont fabriquées avec des fibres de bambou naturelles, offrant une absorption douce et efficace, quel que soit votre flux.

Optez pour la fiabilité

Nos produits MissPanties utilisent une technologie à quatre couches incluant des fibres de bambou anti-odeur et antibactériennes, vous assurant ainsi une protection totale sans fuites ni odeurs.